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The links below are web sites I created.  

Victory Baptist Church
Victory Baptist College
Cyber Consultants
Alternative Family Treatment Services

Welcome to the WebKennection

The WebKennection site started out as a hobby back in 2000 when I was moving from desktop software development into web development. I have been cranking code since 1977 back in the days of punch cards and card readers. The original WebKennection site concentrated on computer hardware. My job is a senior developer, but the geek inside me always wants to build something or push some hardware to its limits.

I have neglected this site for the past year or two because; quite frankly, I have been too busy to do anything with it. I moved into a new job position about two years ago developing in C# utilizing team system the MVP architecture. This was a big change from developing in ASP and VBScript.

I also have been busy with the church sites I maintain. Recently, I started doing a few sites for small businesses in the area.

I now have a little time on my hands, so I will be updating this site with Code, Hardware, DIY Home repairs, and Birds. Yes, birds -- man's best friend when they aren't biting or fussing.

Geek's Old House

Purchased a house a few years ago that was built in 1948. It cam with very few upgrades.

So now I am a Geek turned carpenter, plumber, electrician, drywall installer, floor technician. Found out the web is for more than techie stuff. I have laid ceramic tile, textured walls, replaced windows, refinished wood floors, etc... by searching articles on the web. I will follow up with some pictures of my carpal tunnel turned carpenter tunnel in a short time.

News and Features

Clyde Video

Short video of clyde. More in the Birds Nest.

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