Bird Nest

Clyde is one of my African Grays. Clyde's owner, a good friend of mine, passed away a few years ago. He had close to 20 birds and after he died, I would go over and help with the birds. Clyde kind of withdrew after Bob died and did not socialize with people. At one point he pulled his tail feathers out and just sat in the corner of the cage.

I took care of Clyde while my friend's wife was out of town and Clyde started to warm up to me. I ended up taking Clyde and Prissie (another African Gray) home. As you can see in these videos, Clyde and I get along just fine.

Clyde's favorite pen!

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Prissy the Dancing Machine

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Geek Turned Birdman

How It All Started

You run into all kinds of things when fixing other peoples computers. I ordered parts and did a home built for a friend of mine about 6 years ago. Since I can solve just about any computer problem, my friends think I can handle any problem. Anyways, this friend calls me up one day and asks if I want a love bird. I did not know what a love bird was, I thought it was what you call someone that is love sick silly. Anyways, a friend of his had a love bird and she could not keep it because it was attacking the children. Turns out the little rugrats had been tormenting the bird in the cage. When Mookie got out, Mookie drew blood. Me, being a person who can't say no, said, "Sure, I will take the bird."

So after I get off the phone, I google "love birds". Find out they do better in pairs, but that they also attach to humans when they don't have a mate. After a few bites and a little blood, me and Mookie is getting along fine. I got Mookie on Friday, and by Sunday, Mookies was content to just sit on me. When I went back to work Monday, Mookie was not happy being home alone. As soon as I opened the cage, Mookie flew up on me and bit me in the neck. So, I had to go get Mookie a mate. This is how it started.

Six More to Add to the Flock

I had Mookie and Shasta (a mate I bought for Mookie) for about a year, when a friend asked me to take in some love birds. I did not know they came in so many colors, so naturally, when I saw a blue and yellow love bird, I took the whole flock of 6.

Moving up to Bigger Challenges

About 3 years ago, a friend of mine passed away. He had many birds and I helped his wife find homes for some of them. She had one bird, a Quaker, called Cassie, that no one would take. Cassie loved her owner and when he died, she just turned mean. She would fly after people and bite--I mean really bite. Well, she asked me to take Cassie and see what I could do with her. I told her I already had 8 birds, but then Cassie started to quack at me and seemed to take a liking to me. Let me tell you, this was the first bird to bite clean through my finger. She was a challenge and I would go to work with bite marks all over my forehead and scabs from the bites healing over.

Eventually, I got Cassie to stop biting--well somewhat--but it took a lot of patience. Now she is the most talkative bird and one of the funniest birds I have seen. She plays 'peek-a-boo' and tells me when she wants a drink or bath. The woman I got her from thinks I put her on tranquilizers because she goes to anyone now and she is pretty calm. She still bites sometimes, but she doesn't bite because she is mad, she does it for entertainment. It still hurts and it still bleeds. Last month, she says, "Give me a kiss" so I fall for it. She does her little bird kisses on my nose. She then says it again, and this time, latches on my nose and blood is everywhere. She seemed to enjoy it. I yelled 'Bad Bird'. She says 'Good Bird.'

Amazon Adventures

The next bird I took in is a Red Lored Amazon. Rosebud is the sweetest bird, but she is like all amazons, she is tempermental. One minute she wants scratches, and the next minute she is squawking and yelling and wanting to bite. For the most part, she is like a kitten. She likes to cuddle and sit on my chest with her head stuck up under my neck.

She has started talking, but does not talk clearly like the other birds. She is very vocal and loves to do noises like whistles and kisses. She also likes to crawl in my bed and sleep with me. One good thing is I was able to potty train her, so if she does crawl in my bed, she doesn't make a mess. I just pick her up in the morning, put down some news paper by the chair, put her on the chair, and she does her thing.