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This is my old house I bought. It was built in 1948 and had most of the original cabinets, lights, windows, and doors. Some before and after pictures. Not bad considering I had never done any of this before. I have put in a new bath and kitchen, refinished or replaced the walls, and installed all new energy star doors and windows. My electric bill went from $200+ in the summer to an average of $75 -- this is with the AC running 24/7. I have also replaced the plumbing and electrical and upgraded to 200amp service. Dug up the outside drain from the house to the street hookup and replaced with PVC.

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Bathroom remodel
Bathroom remodel
Bathroom remodel image 2
These were the old kitchen cabinets
New walls and new cabinets
Built my own countertop
Kitchen almost finished
Another view of kitchen
This was the old ceiling in dining area
Ceiling refinished